Washed In Black


Washed In Black

Washed In Black is an ongoing passion project that started in 2018, but was conceived years before that. The fashion industry is one of the largest pollutants on this planet, with apparel and textile ending up in landfills daily. Although fast fashion is a large contributor to the waste problem, design houses are also guilty of wasting textile that no longer serves their purpose. Often these scraps are either too small, the wrong shape/size for a particular pattern, or the print is not in the correct position for the piece.

Throughout her time working in the fashion industry, Aanchal acquired textiles that she could not let go to waste. This kicked off the Washed In Black project, where she recycle textile to create tote bags. The textiles were either sourced by her, or through sustainable companies like FabScrap.

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Washed In Black x Billy Seccombe

In 2018 we collaborated with artist Billy Seccombe. We produced a capsule collection of tote bags made by mixing our upcycled fabrics, with a print of a collage of portraits made by Billy on microfiber.