Costume Studies Program Coordinator

Graduate Program Assistant | 2017-2019

While pursuing her Masters degree at New York University, Aanchal was also appointed the Program Assistant for the M.A. Costume Studies program at Steinhardt. Some tasks as the Program Assistant included: assist program director with research projects; organize and maintain in-house study collection of vintage clothes; manage social media platforms: create and curate relevant content for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts; assist with organizing conferences and symposiums; create event programs and RSVP lists; and organize field trips for program candidates.

Mantua Maker’s Workshop. Colonial Williamsburg. November 2017.

Mantua Maker’s Workshop. Colonial Williamsburg. November 2017.

Colonial Williamsburg (2017): As Program Assistant, she was an integral part of the planning process and co-develop a two-day itinerary for our twenty-four-person group of students and faculty. The trip allowed all the students to learn from experts at the Milliners and Mantua-Makers shop, the Tailor’s shop, and at the Weaver’s. Students also had the opportunity to visit the Wigmaker’s and the Cobbler’s workshop, and enjoy 18th century style dining and entertainment. Curator Neal Hurst also gave our group a tour of the exhibition Printed Fashions: Textiles for Clothing and Home at the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum.

Philadelphia (2018): On November 9, 2018, the Costume Studies students and some faculty members took a day-trip to Philadelphia. As a Program Assistant, Aanchal assisted in the planning and execution of the trip. The students visited three separate locations during the trip: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Drexel University, and Fabric Workshop & Museum.

In-house Study Collection: The Costume Studies program at NYU houses a small collection of garments from the 1890s to 2010s. These garments are viewed by students in classes, and are available for research. Over the course of two years as the Program Assistant, Aanchal has been responsible for reorganizing the study collection, assisting with the care of garments, pulling material from the collection for various graduate and undergraduate classes, as well as the development of a new online database for the collection (which is currently still in process). Aanchal also used material from the study collection to create content for the Costume Studies social media and class courses, in the form of images and videos.

Online course development | 2019
Fashion in Context, 1850-2000, Steinhardt Art Department

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Teaching Assistant | 2018-2019

Teaching Assistant, History of Textiles: Ancient World – 1700, Steinhardt Art Department (2018)
Teaching Assistant, History of Costume: 20th Century, Steinhardt Art Department (2018)
Teaching Assistant, Dress and Textiles in World Cultures, Steinhardt Art Department (2019)

Tisch Department of Drama: The Real Cost of Clothing | March 2018

Side seam sewing station. Tisch School of the Arts. March 2018.

Side seam sewing station. Tisch School of the Arts. March 2018.

“The Real Cost of Clothing,”  was an interactive performance art installation of a T-shirt making factory which was featured in the lobby of NYU Tisch on 23 March 2018. The installation included several members of the Tisch Drama community on the assembly line, along with myself.
The installation was made possible by a Tisch IPA Staff Grant and focused on the ecological, humanitarian, and ethical implications of the garment industry. The idea of the installation was conceived by member of the Tisch Department of Drama Costume Shop: Therese Bruck, Asa Thorton, and Kim Parkman.
Aanchal was initially places on the assembly line to sew the side seams of the plain white T-shirts, but was later placed on a second shift to sew ribbed neck bands to the neckline as well.

Watch the video posted by the Tisch Department of Drama documenting the event below!