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Artist: Amanda Long
Cherry Blossom Festival, Randall’s Island Park Alliance | May 2019

Artist Amanda Long hosted a paper marbling station at the 2019 Cherry Blossom Festival on Randall’s Island, NY. As one of the assistants, Aanchal’s role was to help the public at one of the stations with picking a wish* on alum paper, painting the bath, clearing the bath, washing the print and hanging the print on the line. This also included demoing the physical action to the audience on their tray, so that they could then make their own print .

*The wishes printed on the paper were previously recorded as a part of Amanda Long’s 2016-2017 project Wishing Well: http://www.wishingwellnyc.org/

Cherry Blossom Festival: https://randallsisland.org/events/cherry-blossom-festival-3/

Artists: Amanda Long & Tommy Hartung
Art in the Park, Forest Park, Queens | May 2018

The Rainbow Mural was a community art project created as a part of NYC Parks’ Art in the Park initiative. Volunteers of all ages guided by artists Amanda Long, Tommy Hartung and Friends of Forest Park painted the Rainbow Mural using vivid paints and a hand-drawn grid. As one of the interns, Aanchal assisted Tommy and Amanda with priming the walls in the days leading up to the community event. The interns also responsible for drawing grids all along the walls, and marking blocks with appropriate color in order to create a pixelated rainbow.
On the day of the event, she was responsible for assisting community members with navigating the painting of the mural, as well as painting parts of the wall. She was also the primary photographer at the event, with the resulting photographs being used by both the artists, and NYC Parks.

For more information on the Rainbow Mural, please visit: http://amandalong.org/Rainbow-Mural
Rainbow Mural on NYC Parks: https://www.nycgovparks.org/art/art683

Artist: Timothy Goodman
Mural at 183rd St. and Broadway, New York, NY | October 2018

Timothy Goodman is a designer, illustrator and author. Timothy’s art and words can be seen on walls, buildings, packaging, shoes, clothing, book jackets, magazine covers and in galleries all over the world.
In October 2018, along with 3 other assistants, Aanchal helped Timothy paint a mural on the corner of 183rd Street and Broadway. The process included tracing out Timothy’s words on the wall, using artist tape to outline the letters, painting the letters, and adding any finishes as needed. The entire process was completed in one day.

The mural reads, “I wanna be as human as possible to not hide, run, destroy or prove anything but to see and be seen.”

Process videos for Timothy Goodman by John Sampson: