Aanchal Bakshi is a creative based out of New York City. She says ‘creative’ because she does not want to be defined by a job, or limit herself to any one medium. She is an artist at heart, whether the medium is fabric, paint, digital, or her words.

As of May 2019, Aanchal has graduated with her Masters in Costume Studies from New York University, and continues to be inquisitive about every aspect of the creative field. Her scholarly interests involve subcultural dress through the twentieth and twenty-first century, and her master’s thesis explored the relationship between skateboarding and the mainstream fashion cycle. She has always been intrigued by the rebels, the outsiders, the ones that defy social norms.

This space is used not only as a digital portfolio, but also as a creative outlet. The blog focuses on the fashion, music, art, people and all that the incredible city of New York has to offer.